Why DC

More than its monuments and museums, Washington, DC is a force in innovation, developing cutting-edge research across the engineering, AI, cybersecurity, and data science sectors. With 20+ college and universities in the DC metro area, more than 61% of adults hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 35% nationally. The District also offers incredible quality of life. Ranked as the #1 Park System in the US, 98% of DC residents live within a 10-minute walk to a park. 24 DC restaurants received Michelin stars in 2023. And our 74 historic and world-class museums, along with 60 theater and performing arts venues21 free Smithsonian institutions—is unparalleled.

A Global City

Unlock the potential of global markets by choosing Washington, DC as your gateway to international business.  With the presence of esteemed institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and over 175 embassies and policy organizations, Washington, DC stands as a hub of global influence. Our thriving business community is home to a diverse range of foreign corporations, with 577 companies originating from places like the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Japan, and Egypt, among others.

Targeted Clusters

These fields are thriving thanks to the District’s exceptional talent pool, dynamic business environment, proximity to influential decision makers, and diverse population.

Workforce & Demographics

Washington, DC is a city that thrives on its people, ingenuity, and the platform it provides for making global impacts. Our workforce is a powerhouse of talent and education. With a median age of 35, our workforce consistently ranks among the top in categories such as entrepreneurial and tech talent, women in technology, and experienced local executives.

DC is renowned for attracting top global talent, resulting in a robust and diverse workforce. Our emerging leaders often come from within the city, benefiting from a strong public charter school system and access to over 20 colleges and universities. In fact, we have the second highest concentration of educational institutions in the country, ensuring a steady supply of talented individuals.

As the District’s emerging industries continue to flourish, we are committed to further developing our workforce pipeline. The city is investing more resources to support this growth, ensuring that employers have access to a rapidly expanding talent pool. DC’s workforce is known for its passion, intelligence, and inclusivity, making it an ideal environment for businesses seeking exceptional employees.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Business in Washington, DC moves quickly, and the District’s highly capable transportation and resilient infrastructure systems enable others to do just that.

Consistently ranked among the best cities for public transportation, DC offers a network known for its efficiency, affordability, and diversity. The DC Metrorail serves over 600,000 commuters daily, ensuring smooth and convenient travel in and out of the city for work. When it comes to venturing beyond the District, three major airports—Reagan National, Dulles International, and Baltimore-Washington International—provide numerous daily non-stop flights to domestic and international business hubs, facilitating seamless connections.

Properties & Sites

From emerging neighborhoods to a high density of LEED-certified buildings and the presence of 25 Opportunity Zones, Washington DC is brimming with opportunities for investors and business owners.

No matter the nature of your business, whether you’re seeking to relocate a headquarters operation, open a new storefront, or establish your first U.S. office, Washington, DC is the ultimate choice for growth. The city’s vibrant and dynamic environment, coupled with the support and opportunities available, make it an exceptional destination to nurture and expand your business.

Business Incentives

Doing business in Washington, DC has its obvious perks – highly educated labor supply, global accessibility, and connections to influencers and policymakers. Companies choosing the District can contribute to the stable and diverse economy by optimizing their growth potential with the city’s attractive financial incentives.

You may be eligible for a range of incentives designed to support your growth and expansion. These incentives can include tax credits, grants, rebates, certifications, and access to special capital improvement financing. Exploring the additional benefits offered by the District allows you to tap into opportunities for investment in areas such as technology, sustainability, workforce development, housing, and retail.

At WDCEP, we are here to guide you in finding the right economic incentives that align with your business objectives, helping you make the most of available resources. Together, we can create jobs, contribute to the District’s economic vitality, and build an even stronger and more sustainable future for Washington, DC.

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Top 5 Incentives

For a comprehensive list, visit obviouslydc.com

  • Vitality Fund: A discretionary ‘closing fund’ administered by the DC government to assist businesses in target sectors to relocate, expand, or stay in Washington, DC.
  • Revenue Bond Program: Washington, DC’s industrial revenue bond program (IRB) provides access to tax-exempt financing to help businesses and non-profit organizations renovate and build new construction, make tenant improvements, and purchase capital by securing interest rates up to 4% lower than a traditional commercial loan. More than $11.5 billion has been issued through Washington, DC’s IRB program since 1994.
  • DC Department of Employment Services: Offers a variety of services to help employers, including the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), On the Job (OJT) Training, and Apprenticeship programs.
  • Creative Open Space and Modernization (COSM): An incentive program designed to support the growth of large companies that make a long-term commitment to locate in the District. Eligible companies can receive an annual tax rebate for up to five years to offset property taxes and tenant improvements.
  • Supermarket Tax Incentives: Through the Supermarket Tax Exemption Act of 2000, the District waives certain taxes and fees to grocery stores that locate in specific neighborhoods. The incentive encourages development and investment in areas lacking access to groceries and fresh food.


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