A Digital Revolution Led by D.C. Disruptors

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Washington, D.C. tech companies are engineering the next digital revolution in one of the hottest East Coast tech hubs.

Tech companies move fast in D.C. and so does the city’s digital infrastructure. The nation’s third-best city for tech, D.C. is at the center of a dense concentration of federally funded R&D. Cutting-edge technologies produced for a range of users hungry for innovation are also a source of potential new business for entrepreneurs. Apple, Facebook and Google also use the D.C. advantage in their favor.

Proximity to policy makers creates pathways for regulatory discussions, and tech companies are plugged in to one of the smartest talent pools in the country. More than 56% of professionals hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Intelligence and inclusion sets the pace, with female founders and developers from diverse backgrounds pushing new technologies forward.

A top-10 U.S. city for tech talent, connectivity and startups, Washington, D.C. is the nexus in a network that powers a global tech industry.


SmartAsset ranks Washington, D.C. the #1 city for women in tech.

Washington, D.C.’s open and unmonitored Wi-Fi connects 15 million-plus users.

25,000 tech jobs are forecasted in Washington, D.C. over the next 10 to 12 years.


The Information Technology Industry Council, a global advocate for high-tech, is based in Washington, D.C.


There are 350% more cyber professionals in Washington, D.C. than the rest of the U.S. combined


SmartAsset ranks Washington, D.C. the #1 city for women in tech.

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Securing Our Global Society

In a world of cybersecurity threats, Washington, D.C. is leading the way in both cyber and physical access security. As public and private sector demand for protection increases, D.C. has the assets and infrastructure to deliver.

DC’s security technology sector includes network security and risk management, protection of data and physical assets, security compliance, identity and access management (biometric and authentication tech, to name two) and threat monitoring and detection.

Helping meet demand is a certified and cyber-ready workforce. There are 350% more cyber professionals in Washington, D.C. than the rest of the U.S. combined. In 2015, D.C.’s metro area had nearly 30,000 cybersecurity job postings – outpacing New York and Silicon Valley.

D.C. is also home to the National Cybersecurity InstituteRetail and Hospitality Information and Analysis Center, and the National Cybersecurity Society.

The growth of cybersecurity companies in Washington, D.C. continues to climb, thanks in part to access to regulators and federal and military resources. Some of the cyber and physical access security companies in D.C. include:


Kevin Morgan

Vice President of Tech Sector Attraction & Retention

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