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Welcome to Washington, DC,

where everyone is welcome.

DC is a city where your dinner can be cooked by a Michelin Star chef and delivered to your doorstep by an autonomous robot. Our city is constantly evolving, thanks to the developers, makers, innovators, and small businesses that shape the fabric of the District.

We’re a global city and also a local one. With the #1 most highly educated workforce, unmatched access to policymakers and global influencers, and a thriving creative scene come experience what growth looks like in DC.

DC Industries

Smart Cities

The smart cities and civic solutions industry area includes leading companies and entrepreneurs working on infrastructure, energy, mobility, sustainability, municipal service delivery, civic engagement and more.

Impact Economy

The District is home to an unprecedented mix of leading international development institutions, grantmaking and social advocacy organizations and incubators.


The hospitality industry is one of DC’s strongest sectors, supporting more than 80,000 jobs in the District as of May 2017 – up nearly 6% from 2016.

Professional Services Innovation

As the largest employer in the District, after the federal government, the professional services industry, the professional services industry is a leading driver of innovation in DC.

Data Science & Analytics

DC’s proximity to policy influencers, strong technology sector, and access to top talent, make it a leading city for data science and analytics.


Washington, DC boasts tremendous assets and opportunities for startups looking to solve the world’s challenges in innovative ways.


The Washington, DC retail market is consistently viewed as one of the top retail markets in the United States.

Security Technology

DC, recently called “the Silicon Valley of cybersecurity” is leading the way in both cyber and physical access security, such as biometrics.

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