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An analysis of past, current, and future real estate development in our nation’s capital. Over the past 20 years, the District has experienced 216.5 million SF of new development, resulting in 65.5 million SF of new and modernized office buildings, 91,500 housing units, 21,200 hotel rooms, and nearly 10 million SF of retail space. To …

The latest real estate frontier is Buzzard Point, the 325-acre southern tip and home to the D.C. United Major League Soccer team at Audi Field. To learn more please visit our interactive map. This map was published in March 2021. View the Map

In 2000, DC’s population stood at 572,000 (a 10% decline from 1980) and was home to approximately 35 grocery stores. The grocers with the most stores included Safeway (16), Murry’s (5), Giant (4), Whole Foods (3), and Yes! Organic Market (3). Since 2000, the District’s population has increased by nearly 25% to 713,000 as of …

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