Grocery Expansion in Washington, DC

In 2000, DC’s population stood at 572,000 (a 10% decline from 1980) and was home to approximately 35 grocery stores. The grocers with the most stores included Safeway (16), Murry’s (5), Giant (4), Whole Foods (3), and Yes! Organic Market (3).

Since 2000, the District’s population has increased by nearly 25% to 713,000 as of July 2020 according to the U.S. Census (Annual Estimates). Over this same time period, 56 new grocery stores have opened in the District. By the end of 2022 six more grocery stores are expected to open including the District’s first Wegmans and Lidl.

While new arrivals such as Harris Teeter, MOM’s, and Trader Joe’s have anchored key developments across numerous neighborhoods there has also been a considerable rise of smaller, locally-owned stores. Union Market, a purveyor of locally-made products, now operates seven stores, Streets Market and Yes! Organics each have six stores, and Good Food Markets and Glens Garden Market have taken advantage of a growing desire for walkable shopping experiences.

Even with the growth of supermarkets, there is still demand and opportunity for additional food options. To highlight the potential opportunities for growth, WDCEP’s research team has developed the Potential Grocery Store Sites map. The map provides real estate opportunities and both existing and pipeline stores to provide a reference for expansion across DC.

For more information please contact Chad Shuskey, SVP of Programs, WDCEP, | (202) 661-8674.

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