Pass the Mic: The Hive 2.0

Providing a space for small businesses to grow in Anacostia since 2012, The Hive 2.0 is one of the many projects under the umbrella of ARCH Development.

The latter is a Ward 8 nonprofit founded in 1986 that partners with residents and community stakeholders to create a permanent home for arts, culture, and the creative economy in Historic Anacostia. In addition to being a co-working space, The Hive 2.0 provides unique programming and workshops to support its growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs. One such example is the recent DC Biz Chats on ‘Creating & Using Financial Projections To Guide Your Business Growth‘ that WDCEP and The Hive co-hosted to bring business support to our respective audiences.

What have you been focused on over the past year?

Jess Randolph (JR): The HIVE 2.0, and ARCH as a whole, has been focused on creating opportunities to put our community in opportunity’s way. When the pandemic hit, moving our programming online felt like a daunting task for our staff. I’m proud to share that we’ve been able to create workshops and programming that pack quite a punch!  

Programming series like #BlackOwned, Invest In Black Women, and Women On Their Way have brought real conversations about race, economic injustice, and trends in entrepreneurship to the table for our audiences to participate in. We’ve partnered with organizations like The DC Women’s Business Center, Suite Nation, and ArtBae since the pandemic began. We’re so thankful for their support. 

Our overall goal with programming, workshops, and technical assistance is to make the dream of entrepreneurship a reality in the lives of those who participate. 

The Hive 2.0 workshops

Though majority of The Hive 2.0’s programming has shifted online, its ambition is still the same: to support small businesses!

The Hive stands for “The Home of Innovators, Visionaries and Entrepreneurs”—who is an innovator, visionary, or entrepreneur in the community you find particularly inspiring? 

JR: The first person that comes to mind is Alana C Brown. Alana C. Brown is the founder and executive director of The Safe Sisters Circle. Alana is a victims’ rights advocate and public interest attorney, focusing on litigation and advocacy for survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, human sexual trafficking, and at-risk youth. As a native of the Washington, DC area and a current resident of Ward 7, Alana is deeply passionate about fighting for women’s rights in her community.

Another person that comes to mind is Fitzroy A. Smith. Smith is a local tax preparer via his business, City Tax Services. Fitzroy A. Smith assists taxpayers and small businesses with taxes in Washington DC and the surrounding communities. 

Excellence lives in Wards 7 and 8. Our members contribute their services to our community—changing the world one day at a time.

Co-working space lobby

The Hive 2.0 is located in the basement level of the Anacostia Arts Center. 


What upcoming programming/initiatives/events from the Hive are you excited about?

JR: This spring, we’ll be offering new technical writing, accounting, and arts workshops. Visit our website and subscribe for email updates! 

Our Women On Their Way series concludes with a program called Turning Your Passion Into Profit. This program from us, The DC Women’s Business Center, and Black Girls Do will feature Dominiqua Eldridge (artbyuniik), Kaitlin Calogera (A Tour of Her Own), and Danielle Glosser (Client Raiser).

The HIVE 2.0 is part of ARCH Developmentthe parent company that manages efforts at the Anacostia Arts Center and The Honfleur Gallery. I’m happy to share that The Honfleur Gallery is launching a new Artist-in-Residence program this year. This program is a melding of Honfleur’s ongoing commitment to artists that live and work east of the Anacostia River in Washington DC and it brings Sharon Hughes Gautier’s passion for art and her appreciation of a community that is so incredibly rich with history and creative talent. 

The first recipient will be Jay Sun, a multi-talented artist who grew up and currently lives in Anacostia and uses theater, music, comedy, storytelling and film to communicate with his audiences. He seeks to better the world by sharing thoughts, ideas, and theories through various art forms.

The Hive 2.0 programming









Upcoming spring workshops and programming will continue to take place online. 


Pass the Mic is an ongoing endeavor to highlight the words + work of our partners across DC. 

Jess Randolph

Associate Creative Director at ARCH Development.

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