DC Stories: Capitol Express Tours

In 2010 CEO & Founder of Capitol Express Tours Adam Mreteab arrived in Washington DC from South Africa. Seven years later, with the help of generous donations and fundraising efforts, Adam Mreteab established a pedicab tour company, Washington Pedicabs. It was then that Adam met his future Chief Operations Officer John Barone, who arrived in DC, also to pedicab, with another company. After becoming acquainted, Adam sold John a pedicab, while at the same time, both had decided to go into the golf cart tour business.

With the high demand for Uber, Lyft, electric scooters, and e-bikes, the pedicab industry was severely declining, causing both Adam and John to pivot. As fate would have it, both Adam and John would reconnect with the same vision of showcasing DC in the best efficient way possible. After locating an electric street-legal golf cart supplier, Capitol Express Tours was born. Book a tour with DC’s premier eco-friendly touring company and enjoy a captivating 5 -star experience that will leave you in awe.


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▶︎ Web: https://https://www.capitolexpresstours.com//

▶︎ Facebook: @capitolexpresstours

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