DC Stories: Brindle Boxer Kombucha

For over twenty years, the Founder and CEO of Brindle Boxer Kombucha, Tanya Maynigo, has been in love with kombucha. That love traveled from her native country of the Philippines to Washington, DC, ever since the age of two. Tanya eventually turned her passion into a career in 2013 when she accidentally brewed way too much kombucha after just moving to Mt. Pleasant. She wanted to share her love of kombucha and immediately gave away free cups to neighbors and friends. Because of the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood and positive feedback, Tanya’s new brewery was born.

In 2015 Tanya and her team launched a viral Kickstarter campaign that enabled Brindle Boxer Kombucha to sell in more farmer’s markets and open the first kombucha taproom in Union Market. Brindle Boxer Kombucha offers a lively and delicious new rendition of traditional kombucha to DC. Keep an eye out for more delicious flavors from your favorite gut-healthy beverage Brindle Boxer Kombucha.

Connect with Brindle Boxer Kombucha

▶︎ Web: http://www.drinkbrindle.com/

▶︎ Instagram: @drinkbrindle

▶︎ Facebook: @drinkbrindle

▶︎ Twitter: @drinkbrindle

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