DC Stories: Batax Bule

A native of North Sumatra, Indonesia, Owner and Designer Metrini Weaver advocates staying connected to one’s roots and being true to one’s authentic self. Metrini wanted to share her story but in a creative, fashionable way. In 2013 Metrini earned her master’s degree in sustainable development and then went on to showcase her sustainable designs collaborating from one pop-up on H Street, Georgetown, outdoor market, Tyson Corner and Pentagon City.

The fashionista wanted to introduce her native tribe’s textiles and handwoven fabrics to the American market/audience in the form of home decor, fashion, and artisan accessories. Batax Bule embodies everything near and dear to Metrini. Bule is a term for foreigner in Indonesian. Batax Bule represents  Metrini and her husband, which she met in Washington, DC. If you’re looking for eloquence at an affordable price, Batax Bule is the perfect place for you.



Connect with Batax Bule

▶︎ Web: https://www.bataxbule.com/

▶︎ Instagram: @bataxbule

▶︎ Facebook: @batakbulemetrini


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