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Washington, DC

A Top Tech Hub in the US

Washington, DC is a world-class city that boasts tremendous assets and opportunities for startups looking to solve the world’s challenges in innovative ways.

A recent Cushman and Wakefield Tech 1.0 Study ranked DC as the #3 tech city in America. DC is also ranked in the top 5 for startup success by CNBC.

DC is not only one of the best tech ecosystems in the country, it is one of the most inclusive. As the #1 city for women in tech (Smart Asset), DC is home to one of the most diverse tech-related workforces in the nation. See the Pathways to Inclusion (2016) report for Mayor Bowser’s vision to become the nation’s premier hub for technology innovation.

Quick Facts

#1 City for Women in Tech

Smart Asset found Washington, DC to be the #1 city for women in tech. DC also ranked first in the 2015 and 2016 edition of their analysis. We have one of the smallest gaps in gender pay and a higher proportion of women in computer and math-related roles than most cities across the country.

Top 10 City for Diversity in STEM

DC is among the top 10 cities for diversity in STEM.

Source: Smart Asset

#3 Tech City

DC is ranked as the #3 tech city in the US, after San Jose and San Francisco.

Source: Cushman & Wakefield Tech 1.0 Report

$2.7 Billion Invested

Washington, DC tech companies received $2.7 billion in funding in 2016 alone.

Source: PwC/NVCA MoneyTree Report as of Q2 2017



Why Tech Companies Choose DC

Emerging Technologies

DC sits at the center of the densest concentration of federally funded R&D in perhaps the entire world. Federal research labs are producing cutting-edge technologies for government use, but many of these inventions have broader potential applications. These labs are a rich source of potential new business opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their product offerings.

Access to Top Talent

DC has a top-tier, diverse tech workforce and a steady pipeline of new tech talent from local universities and coding programs.

Active Customer Base

DC is close to many institutions and companies that are hungry for technology solutions, including the federal government, the intelligence community, hospitals, Fortune 500 companies, and national nonprofits.

Opportunity for Venture Capital

DC-area entrepreneurs raised over $2.7 billion in venture capital funding in 2016 (PwC/NVCA MoneyTree Report as of Q2 2017). With a growing angel investor community, access to accelerators, business-friendly crowdfunding laws, and federal and local government funding sources, DC is an ideal location for startups to do business and raise capital.

Proximity to Decision Makers

Home to the nation’s capital, 16 universities, and several hundred governments and private-sector research institutions makes DC a global hub for innovation. Governors, heads of state, and CEOs come to DC on a regular basis, making DC a prime location for technology companies in regulated industries.

A Culture of Entrepreneurship

DC has numerous incubators and co- working spaces that support tech entrepreneurs: 1776, Dcode42, Open Gov Hub, Peace Tech Accelerator, Halcyon, SEED Spot, Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3), and AARP’s The Hatchery.

Resources for Tech Companies: 

Visit, a searchable database of all incentives and other DC support programs for companies.

WDCEP leads the #WeDC campaign, the most successful digital campaign at SXSW for two years running.

WDCEP runs DC’s presence at ICSC RECon, retail’s leading conference which brings together 30,000+ leaders in the industry.

WDCEP regularly convenes public and private DC business leaders across sectors.

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