DC Stories: Legal Innovators

Co-Founders Bryan Parker and Jon Greenblatt first crossed paths during Bryan’s clerkship at Shearman & Sterling. At the time, Jon was a partner at S&S and Bryan’s mentor, and as the seasons changed, their bond became more vital than ever, leading to twenty years of friendship. Throughout Bryan and Jon’s careers, they noticed some areas of big law needed change.

Passionate about breaking down systemic barriers to diversity, inclusion, and equity in law, both Bryan and Jon jumped into action and worked on the concept for Legal Innovators nearly two years before launching. They were able to raise $1.5M in funding and weather the COVID-19 storm four months after opening their doors and started to thrive shortly after. Legal Innovator’s efforts to systemically expand access to big law for traditionally underrepresented groups is a testament to their growing list of client and school partners. Follow the journey of the District’s leading Alternative Legal Service Provider (ALSP) 


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