Building Washington, DC’s technology and innovation start up community

Washington, DC is a world-class city that boasts tremendous assets and opportunities for startups looking to solve the world’s challenges in innovative ways. A highly educated workforce, a prosperous business climate, and a hub for the world’s most influential decision makers and innovators are just a few of the reasons Washington, DC is a great place to do business.

Creative & Tech Savvy Workforce

DC has one of the most highly educated and competitive workforces of any city in the world, sustaining the competitive edge of the region’s knowledge-based economy.

DC has one of the most highly educated and competitive workforces of any city in the world.

The area’s abundance of universities and growing number of accelerators and incubators have provided strong supporters of startup firms in the city. The region’s colleges and universities provide research grants, assistance, and business incubation critical to local business development, making the DC area one of the leading research centers in the U.S.

Proximity to Decision-Makers

DC is home to the nation’s capital, 16 universities, and several hundred government and private-sector research institutions, making the District a global hub for innovation in technology, policy, finance and many other disciplines. Governors, mayors, heads of state, university presidents, CEOs of energy companies, utilities, and hospital groups — all of these decision makers come through Washington on a regular basis, making DC a prime location for technology companies in regulated industries!

Washington, DC’s Growing Tech Sector

Washington, DC’s technology sector has experienced a 50 percent job growth rate in the last 10 years.

With greater private and public investments, effective marketing, and support for entrepreneurs, the District plans to double employment in the next five years, creating 20,000 jobs. Amid a surge in government spending, the capital area has enjoyed 20.6% growth in tech employment since 2001 and 20.8% growth in STEM jobs.

With a 3.3% annual job growth, the District of Columbia, in 2013, had 24,793 high-tech manufacturing and services jobs and is home to more than 1,000 start-ups. Washington, DC techies make an average of $92,718, compared with the average private sector wage of $55,587. DC alone provides jobs for approximately 712,000 people.

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