Van Ness



OFFERING THE CONVENIENCE of Metro access and urban amenities, along with the natural beauty and serenity of Soapstone Valley and Rock Creek Park, Van Ness is seeing increased demand and generating heightened energy. Residents of the neighborhood’s apartments and single-family homes enjoy an easy commute, a variety of retail options, a safe and family-friendly atmosphere, and active and engaged community members.

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Neighborhood Features

Great Streets And Main Streets

In 2020, VNMS extended its northern boundary to include Forest Hills and Wakefield, from Van Ness Street to Nebraska Avenue. During the Covid-19 pandemic, VNMS allocated $56,000 in grant funds among ten businesses and distributed more than $6,000 of personal protective equipment (PPE) across its expanded catchment area.

$457.8 Million Spending Potential

A 2018 study by HR&A Advisors determined that the primary retail trade area, comprising 14,600 residents, 5,200 students, 3,500 workers, and 36,000 hotel guests, offered a combined spending potential of $457.8 million.

Institutional Traffic Drivers

  • 20+ embassies
  • American University’s
  • WAMU public radio station
  • Hillwood Museum
  • Howard University Law School
  • Levine School of Music
  • University of the District of Columbia Van Ness
  • Campus & David A. Clarke School of Law
  • Whittle School & Studios

Top Local Industries

9,987 Total Area Employment

  • Educational Services: 21%
  • Finance & Insurance: 19%
  • Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services: 13%
  • Heath Care & Social Assistance: 12%