Minnesota & Benning



COLLECTIVELY KNOWN AS “DOWNTOWN WARD 7,” several recent and substantial mixed-use developments surround the intersection of Minnesota Avenue and Benning Road. Although the neighborhood serves as the headquarters for major employers such as Pepco, DC’s Department of Employment Services, and Unity Health Care, substantial public and private investment in new development has generated exciting opportunities for small start-ups to grow. This upward trajectory is expected to rise with the forthcoming arrival of an additional District agency, as well as the planned delivery of more than 1,300 residential units.

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New Development

Cedar Realty Trust is redeveloping the 6.5-acre East River Park Shopping Center into six buildings that will comprise 33,000 SF of office space, 855 residential units, and 135,600 SF of retail, including up to 70,000 SF for a grocery store.

The project’s western portion will convert the 6.7-acre Senator Square Shopping Center and former Senator Theater into 232,000 SF of office, 500 units, and 59,000 SF of retail.

The first phase started construction in Q2 2021 and will deliver the new 700-employee headquarters for the District’s Department of General Services in late 2022.


Great Streets + Main Streets

Minnesota Avenue & Benning Road are designated Great Streets corridors. In 2020, with the financial support of the District’s Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) and the Washington Area Community Investment Fund (WACIF), the Main Street awarded $128,000 in direct business grants.

Major Local Employers

  • Pepco’s Benning Service Center: ~700 employees
  • Department of Employment Services (DOES) HQ: ~450
  • Unity Health Care: ~70
  • Uber Greenlight Hub— support & resource center for local Uber drivers

Top Local Industries

4,570 Total Area Employment

  • Health Care & Social Assistance: 19%
  • Public Administration: 16%
  • Utilities: 12%
  • Educational Services: 9%