Marcus Bennett

Prior to joining WDCEP, Mr. Bennett spent the past three years helping the Baltimore City community in establishing job opportunities for citizens of Baltimore.

He was appointed by the governor of Maryland to serve the council that helps young men and women in the state to become better citizens after, or during incarceration. He helps them by assisting them in starting businesses, or seeking employment. He served as student body president where he led the effort in successfully implementing the ‘black business expo’ and black business directory at the university. He also assisted in advocating the needs for Morgan State University at the local, state, and national level regarding funding and resources. He helped dedicate the Morgan State University surrounding area as a ‘RISE’ Zone which brings economic prosperity to that area and helps revitalize that community. He served on the coordinating committee to help start the planning on the redeveloping project of the Northwood Shopping Center in northeast Baltimore.

Mr. Bennett is a recent graduate of Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland where he received his B.A. in Sociology Pre-Law with a minor in Political Science and Administration.