Richard Lake, Roadside Development

“I invest in Washington, DC, because its future is enormously bright.

There are a number of reasons that I would invest and relocate my business to Washington, DC. The government is extremely friendly to businesses and understand the needs and requirements. The infrastructure is phenomenal. The quality of life is incredible. And the population and the employee base is second to none.

We’ve been the largest attraction of young people in the United States for the last decade, therefore we’ve attracted some of the best and brightest minds throughout the entire United States to Washington, DC and it’s because of the jobs we offer but also because of the quality and the way of life that we offer. And that’s why I’d invest in Washington, DC, because its future is enormously bright.” – Richard Lake, Partner, Roadside Development 

Roadside Development

No matter what or where we invest and build, members of the Roadside team cultivate lasting relationships with neighborhoods as well as build solid associations with investors and lenders. It is our goal to improve the communities in which we develop, because we also live and work there. These business practices have established Roadside Development as an emerging leader in the Washington, DC real estate market.