Aba Kwawu, TAAPR


“Being located in the nation’s capital affords us opportunities that we wouldn’t have were we not located here.

It’s very exciting to be able to work with the embassies and the ambassadors that are located here in DC.

There’s so much opportunity here in Washington, DC. I love living here. I love working here. The type of people that I meet just  blow my mind. I’ve lived in a lot of places and I’ve traveled to a lot of places. But, I think we get the best of everything here in DC. The market has truly grown and become more cosmopolitan. [Right now,] there’s so much attention and focus on DC. Businesses want to be here, they want to thrive here. Those that are homegrown or those that come all over the world.

And, I think we have a unique set of skills and so it provides us just so much opportunity to be a part of the fabric of DC.” – Aba Kwawu, Founder & President, TAAPR



Since its founding in 2002, TAA PR, formerly known as The Aba Agency, has set the standard for results-oriented strategic communications, experiential marketing, branding, market research and social media services for new and established clients. Over the last 12 years, they have built an impressive track record of representing the highest profile fashion retailers, award-winning restaurants, boutique hotels, culture and lifestyle purveyors, and for upscale event productions.