Start a Business in DC

With access to capital, a strong workforce and robust industry ecosystems,

DC is a top location for small businesses.

The District provides both global access, national influence, and strongly woven local networks, making it a powerful place to start and grow your business.

“Hottest spot in the country for entrepreneurship”
Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship, 2017

Top businesses have started and expanded in DC across various sectors, from food businesses like Cava receiving over $34 million in Venture funding to expand across the nation, to tech companies like Blackboard going public after a few short years in business.

Quick Facts

Top 10

Global city for female entrepreneurs

– The Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Cities Index, 2016

#5 city for startup success

– Streetwise innovation index

DC is a top 10 best place for brand-new tech companies to find success

– U.S. News 2016

DC beats every other city at entrepreneurship


How WDCEP Can Help

WDCEP has the knowledge and connections to serve as a liaison in nearly every sector; with a deep understanding of the commercial real estate market, financing & incentive programs, custom industry data, and tools to promote DC as a business destination; we help businesses grow.

Our team of DC experts can help you connect with the right people, find the right space, and provide data and research on DC’s business sectors.

Funding, Regulations, Licensing + more

Our Doing business in DC Guide has all the information you need to help you start your business in The District Top sections for new businesses:

  • Initial Business Considerations
  • Business Registration and Licensing
  • Business Financing
  • Business Taxes
  • and more..

Site location assistance

Check out our Neighborhood Profiles Guide for data on DC’s 54 commercial corridors or contact our team for free one-on-one site assistance consultations

DC’s industries

DC’s diverse industries mean any business has can thrive in DC. Explore our industry profiles with information on DC’s many sectors. Learn more about DC’s industries.

Dive deeper with WDCEP’s individual toolkits that breakdown resources and provide executable information to grow your business:

Leads the #WeDC campaign, the most successful digital campaign at SXSW for two years running.

Runs DC’s presence at ICSC RECon, retail’s leading conference which brings together 30,000+ leaders in the industry.

Regularly convenes public and private DC business leaders across sectors.

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