Van Ness

Van Ness combines the convenience of Metro access and urban amenities with the natural beauty and serenity of Soapstone Valley and Rock Creek Park.

Apartment dwellers and single family home residents alike are drawn to an easy commute, numerous retail options, a safe and family-friendly atmosphere with smart and engaged citizens, and stunning hiking trails. Increased demand for transit-oriented housing and a preference for downtown office space is creating new demand for Van Ness.

Institutions & Traffic Drivers

Van Ness is home to the University of the District of Columbia, including its Theater of the Arts, Howard University Law School, Levine School of Music, Hillwood Museum, American University’s WAMU public radio station, and the International Chancery Center with dozens of embassies.

Park Van Ness

BF Saul recently completed Park Van Ness, an 11-story, 271-unit apartment building overlooking Rock Creek Park with 10,000 SF of retail, including Chef Fabio Trabocchi’s new restaurant, Sfoglina, and a popular neighborhood market and café, Soapstone Market.

Van Ness Commercial District Action Strategy

Drafted by the DC Office of Planning and launched in 2016, the strategy provides a comprehensive framework to boost retail activity, enhance public space, increase sustainability, and guide development.

Great Streets Retail Small Business Grants

Connecticut Avenue (north of Calvert Street) is a designated Great Streets corridor. As funds become available small businesses can apply for grants to cover capital improvements and certain soft costs. Bread Furst used the grant to purchase bakery equipment and add indoor and outdoor seating.

UDC Student Center

The University of the District of Columbia’s new $40 million, 96,000 SF student center opened in 2015 and features a new dining area, fitness center, and ballroom.

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