Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

Developed between the 1880s and 1920s and often called the gateway to Capitol Hill, Pennsylvania Avenue, SE is known for its brick single family homes, townhouses and strong residential base.

Adjacent neighborhoods, such as Hillcrest, Penn Branch and Summit Park, offer considerable consumer spending potential with average household incomes in the $90,000–$100,000+ range.

$30 Million Streetscape Enhancements

The improvements were made along Pennsylvania Avenue from 27th Street, SE to Southern Avenue, SE and were completed in 2011. The project involved new sidewalks, curbs and gutters, streetlights and landscaping.

The Grays on Pennsylvania Avenue

Built in 2010, The Grays on Pennsylvania has 118 apartment units and 7,500 SF of retail space.

Great Streets Retail Small Business Grants

Pennsylvania Avenue is a designated Great Streets corridor. As funds become available small businesses can apply for grants to cover capital improvements and certain soft costs. In 2017, up to $50,000 was awarded per location.

Three Shopping Centers along Pennsylvania Avenue

Fairfax Village (34,400 SF), Fort Davis (44,000 SF) and Penn Branch (89,000 SF) provide retail, restaurants and neighborhood services to the surrounding communities. Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners purchased Penn Branch in Q4 2016 for a reported $9.25 million.

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