New York Avenue / Ivy City

Offering potential for both commercial and manufacturing uses as well as parcels of land suitable for mixed-use development, including large-scale retail, New York Avenue, NE, is becoming a destination for shopping, restaurants, and businesses that support the “maker” and innovation economy.

Breweries, Distilleries & Incubators

The area is home to Atlas Brew Works, Jos. A. Magnus & Co. Distillery, New Columbia Distillers, One Eight Distilling, Republic Restoratives Distillery and Union Kitchen’s second food incubator.

Alexander Crummell School Redevelopment

The 2.5-acre site will be redeveloped into 320 residential units, 22,000 SF of retail and 35,000 SF of industrial space (occupied by ProFish). The school will be renovated and used for community purposes (e.g. daycare center, health clinic, culinary school, and recreation).

Great Streets Retail Small Business Grants

New York Avenue is a designated Great Streets corridor. As funds become available small businesses can apply for grants to cover capital improvements and certain soft costs. In 2017, up to $50,000 was awarded per location.

Hecht Warehouse at Ivy City

The historic warehouse and adjacent land was redeveloped into 330 apartments and 200,000 SF of retail space. BicycleSPACE, Bikram Yoga, MOM’s grocery store, Nike, Petco, Planet Fitness, Ulta, Dock FC, Ari’s Diner, and La Puerta Verde, will be joined by Compass Coffee and TJ Maxx, among other retailers and restaurants.


Population growth within 0.5 miles (2010–2016)

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