Golden Triangle

Possibly Washington’s true center of power, the Golden Triangle is 43 blocks of prime DC real estate in the central business district where businesses prosper with a mix of private sector workers, residents, and visitors.

Just steps away from the White House and National Mall, access, amenities, resources, and a comfortable working environment make the Golden Triangle a world-class neighborhood.

85,000 / $106K

Workers in the Golden Triangle / Average salary of employees in the Golden Triangle.

International Business, Exceptional Retail

More than 3,000 national and international companies and organizations are located in the Golden Triangle. In addition, the neighborhood is home to high-end national apparel retailers, including Brooks Brothers, Thomas Pink and Charles Tyrwhitt. These and other upscale retailers in the neighborhood perform at the very top of their brands across the region and nation.

A Transportation Hub

The neighborhood has access to four of the Metro’s ten busiest rail stations, numerous protected bike lanes, the most walkable zip code in the city according to Walkscore, and a street network that allows easy access to and from I-66, I-395, I-50, GW Parkway, and Rock Creek Parkway.

Intersection of Traditional + Tech

Where traditional DC businesses – lobbyists, lawyers, and bankers – meld with the city’s new frontiers of tech, digital media, design, and healthcare.

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