Georgia Avenue / Brightwood

Brightwood is conveniently located along Georgia Avenue between Shepherd Park and Petworth, with Rock Creek Park on its western border.

This stable neighborhood of rowhouses and Art Deco-inspired dwellings include Fort Stevens, the site of the only Civil War battle to take place within DC.

Great Streets Retail Small Business Grants

Georgia Avenue is a designated Great Streets corridor. As funds become available small businesses can apply for grants to cover capital improvements and certain soft costs. In 2017, up to $50,000 was awarded per location.

New Development Underway

Adjacent to Fort Stevens, the new Beacon Center is a mixed-use community-focused redevelopment. Expected to be completed in Q4 2018, it will comprise of 99 affordable housing units, and a mix of recreation, community, institutional, office and retail, including a culinary arts space.

Crosstown Cuisine

The bustling intersection of Missouri and Georgia offers a range of local dining choices with ever-expanding options. New openings in 2017 included Imm Thai on Georgia, food truck turned brick and mortar BBQ Bus Smokehouse, Castello Restaurant & Bar, and a second location of local favorite Oohh’s & Aahh’s.

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