Entrepreneur Toolkit: Makers & Creatives

Your go-to resource for starting or growing a creative business in DC

Creative entrepreneurs enrich our communities through a wide range of artistic work, including music, performance, writing, visual art, print and digital design, film, television, and craft production. Maker entrepreneurs are individuals who create, manufacture, or assemble a product through a process involving intellectual property, ingredients, raw materials, or other components. Creatives and makers cover a wide range of professionals in the art, food, beverage, digital, and entertainment industries and play an integral part in DC’s business and cultural communities. We’ve done all the preliminary research for you so that you can focus on bringing your business to life.

We created this Entrepreneur Toolkit specifically for DC makers and creatives to supplement our more comprehensive and detailed DC Doing Business Guide, which you can download here or come by 1495 F St. NW to pick up your copy today!

For questions or feedback about this publication, please contact Erica Moore. 

What you’ll find inside:

  • The DC Advantage – Why DC?
  • Key Local Financial Incentives
  • Regulations
  • Getting Noticed
  • The Made in DC Program
  • Business, Legal, Funding, Space-finding Resources