Bellevue South Capitol

Bellevue is an emerging residential neighborhood, filled with community character and cultural significance.

Recent new development includes the Conway Health and Resource Center-Community of Hope located proximate to William O. Lockridge/Bellevue Library. These new investments have positioned Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue and South Capitol Street on the cusp of exciting new economic development growth.

Trinity Plaza

Bellevue’s newest mixed-use development opened in 2015 and offers 49 apartments and 6,000 SF of retail space anchored by Bellevue Pharmacy.

Great Streets Retail Small Business Grants

Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue and South Capitol Street are designated Great Streets corridors. As funds become available small businesses can apply for grants to cover capital improvements and certain soft costs. In 2017, up to $50,000 was awarded per location.

New Investments

The South Capitol Street Shopping Center site is being redeveloped by City Interests & Michaels Development Corporation into a $58 million, mixed-use project with 195 residential units and 5,000 SF of retail space (2018/19 delivery). The project was awarded $880,000 from the Neighborhood Prosperity Fund to assist with the buildout for a Good Food Markets grocery store.

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