Barracks Row

Steeped in U.S. history, 8th Street, SE is DC’s oldest commercial corridor and anchored by the Washington Navy Yard since 1798 and the United States Marine Corps Barracks, for which it is named, since 1801.

Experience the diverse dining and retail opportunities in one of the most prominent of the thriving Capitol Hill neighborhoods.

Lower Barracks Row Investments

  • The Emblem at Barracks Row will deliver 20 new condos and 3,000 SF of retail at 8th & Virginia Avenue in summer 2018.
  • The Humane Rescue Alliance will build a new 50,000 SF HQ building at 1022 M Street, SE.
  • MMG has submitted plans to build 45 new residential units at 9th & Potomac Avenue, SE.

35+ Restaurant & Outdoor Cafes

Businesses that have opened along the corridor in the past three years include &pizza, Alban Masonry, Ascender Communications, Betsy, Capitol Hill Frame Shop, Chiko, Navy Nails, Pineapple & Pearls, Pure Barre, Mindful Meditations, Summit to Soul, Sushi Haichi, Torai Grill & Sushi, The Skill Zone & Parent’s Lounge, and the Vanity Box.

Top Restaurants

  • The DC Michelin Guide features six restaurants in the area (Ambar, Eat Bar, Cava Mezze, Garrison) with Pineapple & Pearls (2) & Rose’s Luxury (1) receiving stars.
  • Rose’s Luxury was chosen as the best new restaurant in the U.S. by Bon Appetit in 2014.

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