Entrepreneur Toolkit: Tech

Your go-to resource for starting or growing a tech business in DC 

The technology sector plays a major role in diversifying Washington, DC’s economy. The DC metropolitan area ranks second in having the largest number of tech companies in the US and is the third largest employment center for tech employees in the US, above Los Angeles and Boston (Transwestern, Impact of the Technology Sector to Washington/Baltimore Market [9/2015]). DC tech entrepreneurs enrich our communities through a wide range of products and services, including mobile apps, software, university and government tech transfer, biotechnology, UI/UX and web design, defense technology, augmented and virtual reality, hardware productions, and much more. We’ve done all the preliminary research for you so that you can focus on bringing your business to life.

We created this Entrepreneur Toolkit specifically for the DC tech industry to supplement our more comprehensive and detailed DC Doing Business Guide, which you can download here or come by 1495 F St. NW to pick up your copy today! 

What you’ll find inside: 

  • The DC Advantage
  • Regulations
  • Finding & Developing Talent
  • Financial Incentives & Resources
  • DC Accelerators, Incubators & Flexible Office Space
  • Get Plugged into the DC Tech Community

For more information, contact the WDCEP team for one-on-one consultations with our business liaisons.