WDCEP Map of the Month: Subways in the District

With 80 sandwich shops located within the District of Columbia, Subway has blanketed the city in a way unmatched by any other retail chain. It should come as little surprise that earlier this year, Subway opened its 40,000th worldwide store and further distanced itself as the world’s largest fast-food chain. Subway has mastered the ability to adapt to its environment and localized consumers. In DC, you will find Subways located in freestanding buildings, in office food courts, on college campuses, tucked below-grade, on the 2nd floor of multi-unit buildings, in hospitals…the list goes on and on.

Although each Subway is relatively small in size (and very small in the case of DC’s 18 food court-style stores), they compensate with the total number of stores and volume of product sold. In total, Subway operates in about 107,000 sq. ft. of retail space in DC – more cumulative space than many of our big boxes and larger format chain restaurants.

Additionally, Subway is the proud employer to about 1,000 DC-based jobs (including managerial positions). With each store contributing 10 or more new jobs to DC, the employment impact of Subway on DC is sizeable for its industry.

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