Organizations Collaborate to Raise Visibility On Technology Sector’s Growing Impact on DC Economy

Contact: Crystal Wright
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January 24, 2008

Washington, D.C.—To bring more visibility to the rapidly growing technology sector in the District, the Washington, DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP) will begin a collaborative relationship with the Washington DC Technology Council effective February 1, 2008. Next to Silicon Valley, the greater Washington region is a leading technology center and by some estimates employs more people in technology than any other area in the US.

“The DC Tech Council has done a phenomenal job in promoting DC as a competitive high-tech economy and educating the public on the enormous contributions the industry is making to the District’s economic development,” said Steve Moore, President and CEO, WDCEP. “This new collaboration will allow WDCEP to leverage the assets of the Council to create targeted business programs that bring an even keener focus to the technology sector and build upon its growth in the area,” added Moore.

Current members of DC Tech will transition into the Technology Advisory Group or ‘TAG Team’ to work closely with WDCEP on developing technology focused programs aimed at understanding the barriers to attracting and retaining businesses in DC. A formal reception will be held at the WDCEP offices next month for members of the technology community to learn more about this exciting new collaboration.

The Washington, DC Economic Partnership will also convene a CEO roundtable every quarter, inviting technology CEOs from the area to discuss technology issues. The Partnership also plans to develop specific events and initiatives targeted at the technology community to encourage the exchange of creative ideas and information.

“This collaboration of resources between the Partnership and DC Tech will buoy the District’s fast-growing technology sector to new heights,” said Ed Rogers, Co-Chairman, WDCEP Board. “DC has all the different types of capital needed—social, human, intellectual, infrastructure and financial to continue to build an enduring tech economy. This combined effort between two dynamic organizations will allow the city to reach a larger audience with its technology message,” added Rogers.

According to a 2005 report conducted by the Greater Washington Initiative, the Washington area employs about 330,000 people in the tech industry, more than any major metropolitan area and more than twice the national average. The area is also home to numerous technology firms.

“More and more, technology companies and investors are viewing DC as a top destination to conduct business,” remarked Neil Albert, Deputy Mayor, DC Office of Planning and Economic Development. “This collaborative effort between DC Tech and WDCEP is a great fit for both groups. It brings with it a fresh opportunity to attract even greater focus to the fast growing technology sector and simultaneously promote DC as the city of choice to locate and grow a tech based business,” added Albert.

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The Washington DC Economic Partnership is a public/private partnership with the mission of facilitating economic development by contributing to the business retention and attraction in the District of Columbia. The Partnership is your first point of contact for doing business in Washington, DC, offering a host of resources and information.

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