Waterfront BIB Review

On June 16th, nearly 200 people attended the Marketing Center’s BIB titled, “Redefining Washington’s Waterfront–—AWI, Baseball Stadium and the Southwest Federal Center…”

The capacity crowd filled the penthouse of Reed Smith, LLP to learn more about development plans for the District’s waterfront.

Guest speakers Toni Griffin, Deputy Director of the Anacostia Waterfront Corporation and Harold DeBlanc III, Director for the Southeast Federal Center, Forest City Washington spoke on such topics as: plans for the neighborhoods around the proposed ballpark, plans to develop the South Capitol corridor and the importance of transforming the waterfront into a viably destination in the city.

Ms. Griffin gave an overview of the development projects currently on-line in the near Southeast and Southwest neighborhoods. Included in her presentation were updates on the US DOT Building, which will serve as the agency’s new headquarter office building. The project is currently under construction and called for restoration of an historic building and the extension of an existing street. US DOT will bring approximately 7,000 employees to the Southeast neighborhood.

Along with offices, development plans for the Southeast/Southwest area call for housing and mixed-use projects. One such project is Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg. The mixed-income, mixed-use development is a HOPE VI project that is being developed on 33 acres. It will provide 1,323 new housing units with several market rate units available. The project will also include a new 600,000 square foot office space and new community building/ new retail space. Construction on this project is currently underway.

To best meet the needs of residents and visitors to the waterfront, the District is currently conducting studies on possible transportation options. Areas of the study and transit methods include South Capitol Street Bridge Alignment, South Capitol Gateway and Corridor Improvement, Anacostia Access, water taxis and light rail system.

The ballpark will be built in the tradition of America’s great ballparks, while fitting into the neighborhood. This will be achieved in part by having the area surrounding the park provide residents and visitors with open space. The park will serve to contribute to a new and encouraging District image and identity.

Forest City Washington is developing a number of projects throughout the city and in Southeast. One of the projects is the Southeast Federal Center, located near the waterfront. The development will offer 5.5 million square feet plus public open spaces on 42 acres. This space will be divided into 2,700 apartments and condominium units, 1.8 million square feet of office and approximately 200,000 square feet of shops, destination retail, and cultural spaces. Highlights of the Southeast Federal Center include a large riverfront park, marina with access via water taxi/ferry and the Anacostia Riverwalk.

Additional plans for the area involve a number of community initiatives that provide jobs and educational opportunities to residents. Forest City Washington has also expressed that it will preserve the past of the maritime, industrial and Navy buildings currently standing near the waterfront. To accomplish this task, the developer is looking into reusing the buildings in ways that will serve the needs of the area and potential tenants.

Development of the waterfront will take several years to complete. During that time, residents can expect several on-site studies and surveys and community meetings. The waterfront project serves as another shining example of the District’s economic fortitude.

To receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentations by Anacostia Waterfront Corporation and Forest City Washington, send an email to Raguel Broy.

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