Washington DC Economic Partnership Releases Detailed Market Data on 50 Neighborhoods

Washington DC Economic Partnership Releases Detailed Market Data on 50 Neighborhoods
Twelfth Edition of Neighborhood Profiles

May 7, 2012  Washington, DC – The Washington DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP) is pleased to announce that the 2013 Neighborhood Profiles is now available. The Neighborhood Profiles were first published in 2001 focusing on 13 different neighborhoods. The 2013 version offers detailed demographic information, resources and maps for 50 neighborhoods and corridors supplementing traditional market data. The annual report provides a microscopic look at a variety of neighborhood and corridors and is intended to guide investors, brokers, developers and tenants on site location decision.

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2013 Neighborhood Profiles


“Investors and tenants need facts to make informed decisions. We initially produced these profiles to encourage retail and housing investment in underserved neighborhood markets across the City,” said Keith Sellars, President and CEO, WDCEP. “The demand for knowledge by investors and entrepreneurs at this level has exceeded our initial expectations so we have expanded our reach to include several nascent neighborhoods and emerging corridors ideal for investment.”

Local developers have used this report over the years to assess individual submarkets and compare potential destinations for tenants. “Individual neighborhoods have different personalities and the data available in the Profiles has been instructive in project programming and design to ensure our development projects meet the community’s needs,” said Richard Lake, Managing Partner Roadside Development, Co-Chair, WDCEP. “Market data presented at this level has also allowed us to create comparative analyses that support merchandising plans and leasing strategies,” said Lake.

The Neighborhood Profiles is one of the several widely accessed reports produced by WDCEP to support economic development in Washington DC. According to the WDCEP, the information afforded through the profiles is increasingly being used by entrepreneurs and established organizations for site selection purposes. The request for this research has extended commensurate with the application of the neighborhood market knowledge in a variety of business decisions. The Profiles are now available in both print and electronic format. “The Profiles have also become a valuable tool for the District and we use it to benchmark investment and economic development success at a localized level,” said Sellars.

The Washington DC Neighborhood Profiles have become a prototype for other cities engaged in economic development and business attraction strategies. Philadelphia and Baltimore have launched similar undertakings, primarily focused on downtown markets and BID neighborhoods. Washington, DC is the only city that tracks data at this level across this many submarkets.


A 501(c)(3) organization, the Washington, DC Economic Partnership promotes business opportunities throughout the District and contributes to business retention and attraction activities. The WDCEP is the first point of contact for development and business opportunities in the District of Columbia. WDCEP facilitates economic development through business attraction and business retention programs and activities through the following services and initiatives: site location assistance, educational seminars & workshops, networking & relationship building events, and One-stop-shop for DC economic development information.

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