Ward 7 Development Highlights

The following are development projects currently underway in Ward 7.

Minnesota-Benning Government Center
The Government of the District of Columbia will develop a new government center located at Minnesota Avenue and Benning Road, NE, adjacent to the Minnesota Avenue Metro station. The Government Center will include a five-story, 225,000 square foot office building for the Department of Employment Services (DOES), a five-story, 125,000 square foot office building for the Department of Human Services (DHS) and a parking garage that can accommodate 468 vehicles for Metro riders, employees and others.

The project also provides first floor retail space in each of the buildings. The DOES and DHS building are expected to deliver in mid-to-late 2007. The DC Government is the developer for the project with Devrouax & Purnell Architects-Planners PC, serving as the architectural firm. The project costs approximately $95 million.
Capitol Gateway Hope VI: Senior Homes & Single Family Homes

The landscape of the highly traveled stretch of East Capitol Street, NE that borders Maryland is receiving a major makeover. Once the site of two public housing properties, East Capitol Dwellings and Capitol View Plaza and a vacant HUD foreclosed property, the location now houses the Capitol Gateway Hope VI project. The Capitol Gateway Hope VI project consists of a home for seniors, single family homes, and multi-family housing.

Located at 201 58th Street, NE, is the recently completed Capitol Gateway Senior Homes, a 150-unit independent living building. The one-bedroom apartment building houses singles and couples, 62 years of age and older. A&R Development Corporation and Henson Development Company developed the 151,000 square foot project with Grimm + Parker & Associates serving as the architects. The estimated cost for the project is $17 million.

The single family and multi-family housing component of Capitol Gateway is currently under construction on East Capitol, 56th-58th Streets, Central and Southern Avenues. Capitol Gateway’s western quadrants will be devoted to single-family detached homes, town homes, grand homes, and duplexes.

The development totals 516,000 square feet and will contain 528 rental units, consisting of 290 high-rise units, 86 family rental and 151 senior apartments. Homeowner opportunities are available through 93 condominiums and 140 single family detached, duplex and townhouse homes.

The project is expected to deliver in 2007 and cost an estimated $67 million.

Plans are also underway to develop a 57,000 square foot grocery store across from the Capitol Gateway- the current site of The Towers on East Capitol Street.

The developers for Capitol Gateway are DC Housing Authority, A&R Development Corporation and Henson Development Company, with Grimm + Parker & Associates serving as the architects.

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