Unleashing the Power of Green

America is getting greener from its buildings to the way its people live to its workforce. Numerous states and cities are passing green building policies and initiatives. Over 700 mayors have signed the Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement, pledging to reduce their community’s greenhouse gas emissions to levels below those emitted in 1990.

Cities and states adoption of climate protection policies are fueling green collar job growth across the country. The District’s Green Building Act has created a demand for environmental jobs locally, which is fueling the city’s bourgeoning green sector of the economy. To assist both the government and business community in understanding the region’s emerging green workforce, the Washington, DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP), on behalf of the District of Columbia, has issued a request for proposals (RFP) from firms to conduct a green collar job demand analysis.

The analysis will determine the number of people, type of jobs, skills and salaries needed to meet the nascent green labor demand resulting from the city’s green building laws and other environmental initiatives. It will also identify the gap in green collar job related skills between both residents in DC and the surrounding area, who need jobs and what jobs are needed. Based upon this information, the report will recommend the necessary training and policy strategies needed to bolster the city’s green collar workforce.

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