The Buzz with Shonika Proctor, Teen Entrepreneur Coach -Author – Speaker – Trainer- Consultant

Shonika Proctor has 3,651 followers on Twitter. She is one of the most followed twitterers in DC. Recently she led the staff of WDCEP through the new world of social media and what it means to Twitter and why people and businesses tweet.

Andi Joseph: Shonika, what is Twitter all about?

Shonika Proctor: Social media is an awesome tool for businesses especially if you want to scale your brand and make it easier for others to find you. But as much as I use social media i.e. Facebook and Twitter (where I am ranked in the Top 5,000 globally and was there before Oprah) my preferred method of marketing is Face to Face.

AJ: So, How does this work?

SP: Twitter is a social networking tool where messages are sent in 140 characters or less and everybody answers the question “What are you doing?” My answer is always the same- I am “empowering my network” and I affirm this by sharing information of value to ‘my followers’ i.e. useful links to websites/blogs, media queries, announcements & events esp. from organizations not leveraging social networking. Contrary to popular belief you are NOT your best salesperson so by giving ‘value’ to others, people in my network constantly promote me as a resource and this has led to speaking, consulting and media opportunities.

AJ: What is

SP: is actually the award winning blog for my company. It is a site that provides tips, tools, resources, videos and inspiration for aspiring and emerging teen entrepreneurs in the U.S. and abroad who want to learn how to monetize their ideas. The site is ranked in the Top 700,000 globally and in the Top 150,000 outside of the U.S. The site was only launched 8 months ago.

AJ: Would you say you are helping DC youth to think like Entrepreneurs?

SP: Youth don’t like to be “helped”. So I “empower” them by providing access to information and creating opportunities. I expose them to resources such as the WDCEP. I provide coaching and teach them using my book, Teen Entrepreneur Success Secrets, my branded curriculum “Teen C.E.O. Blueprint: 7 Steps to Identifying and Leveraging Your True Potential” and connecting them with other respected ‘community’ leaders.

AJ: How do people find you?

SP:,, Twitter: @teenbizcoach

Andi Joseph is the manager of research and communications at WDCEP.

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