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EnviRelation, LLC is a food composting company that has existed in the District of Columbia since 2006, and was the WDCEP’s 2010 Business Plan Competition winner.  EnviRelation offers food compost services that reduce the amount of trash sent to landfills and the subsequent creation of greenhouse gases.  Clients of the company’s services include schools, restaurants and hotels throughout the Washington metropolitan area. For more information please visit

How did EnviRelation originate?
Walker Lunn, the founder of EnviRelation, attended Cornell University’s Hotel School, where he discovered that although many hotels were interested in environmentally friendly products and services, few such things actually existed in the marketplace.  Walker considered his options: become an environmentally conscious hotelier and constantly be faced with the frustration of too few environmentally friendly products and services, or start his own business to provide environmentally friendly services to the hospitality industry at a price few could turn down. Walker decided upon the second option.

Why did the company locate in DC?
As a student, Walker advised the World Bank on implementing a composting program for the cafeterias in the Washington, DC offices. A few months after he finished the consulting project, Walker was alerted to the fact that the company he had hired to actually perform the composting had failed and because there were no other companies who could provide similar services, the program was destined to shut down.

Upon learning of these problems, Walker decided to move to Washington, DC and start EnviRelation in order to meet the needs of the World Bank and other food service establishments within the metro area to provide composting services.

What do you feel is the main purpose of EnviRelation?
Now equipped with the consciousness and will to work toward sustainability, hospitality businesses are challenged to find the products and services necessary to achieve it. EnviRelation hopes to close this gap by leading the hospitality industry’s environmental relationship.  We are the answer for services that provide environmental sustainability.

We hear that your company has some exciting news.  Please tell us about it.
The Washington City Paper has chosen EnviRelation as one of the Best Green Business finalists for their 2011 Best of DC Reader’s Poll.  We are ecstatic about the opportunity to be named DC’s Best Green Business and would greatly appreciate your vote!  Click HERE to choose EnviRelation, LLC as your favorite green business of 2011.  Voting ends March 14 at 11:59pm.

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