The Buzz with Chris Donatelli

Donatelli Development pursues challenging revitalization projects in an effort to bring a unique and transformative approach to Washington. Their hallmark is creating multifamily residences that respect and reflect the history and integrity of the existing neighborhood, and their projects bring sweeping views, award-wining design, expansive amenities, and street-level Metro, while also providing the community with shops, restaurants, and outdoor cafes that are integral to the urban context.

What is Donatelli’s core focus in DC? What kind of projects does the company most want to pursue?

We’ve been working to bring mixed-use projects to underserved neighborhoods that can continue the District’s rebirth. Our focus is on transit-oriented developments that will serve as catalysts to revitalization efforts for entire communities—creating buildings with distinctive facades and interiors that both reflect and define the dynamic neighborhoods where they reside.
Do you think DC has reached its full potential as a city with respect to economic development?

I think the city, with the efforts of the Fenty Administration, will continue to see an increasing amount of development, especially in close proximity to Metro where mixed-use projects can provide at boost to underserved residential neighborhoods.
You were recently picked by the city to develop two parcels on Georgia Avenue Northwest in Petworth. You’ve made huge investments along this corridor. Tell us more about that.

Petworth is a great example of an underserved urban neighborhood with great potential. There are a number of vacant parcels surrounding the Metro and their development can spur renewal along Georgia Avenue and open up the corridor as a gateway into the city.
We’re so pleased to have you as a Legacy sponsor of this year’s Annual Meeting & Development Showcase (AMDS). What projects will you be exhibiting this year?

This year we will exhibit our newest mixed-use projects, Kenyon Square and Highland Park above the Columbia Heights Metro, and Park Place above the Petworth Metro.
Why do you participate in our event? To what extent does participation at AMDS contribute to strategic marketing plans of your company?

Your event provides great exposure for our company and our projects, and it gives us an opportunity to learn about all the development going on in and around the city.

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