The 411 on 202

University Trivia for the DC Region*

Universities are the District’s largest private employers:

  • 15,970 jobs for DC residents directly supported by Consortium member universities
  • $609 million payroll to university employees living in DC
  • 4,856 additional jobs supported by university spending
  • $228.5 million earning value of jobs supported by university spending

 The Multiplier Effect: In the District of Columbia, $1 dollar spent by a DC university resulted in an additional  $1.40 in the city’s economy:

  • $1.42 billion contribution to the District’s economy (GCP)
  • 2% Gross City Product (gcp)
  • $270 million student, visitor and retiree spending
  • $57.5 million capital outlays

Universities are a major regional employer:

  • 68,117 jobs at Consortium member schools
  • $3 billion total payroll expenditures
  • 124,895 additional jobs supported by university spending
  • $3.6 billion additional regional revenue from university-generated jobs


*Capital Assets: Economic Impact and Beyond, Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area

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