Social Compact’s Washington D.C. Drilldown, 2008

Beginning with the premise that a significant reason for inner-city disinvestment is lack of good market information, Social Compact developed the Neighborhood Market DrillDown to address key barriers to private investment in and around inner-city neighborhoods.

Social Compact offers its neighborhood market analyses to local governments, community organizations and businesses looking to attract investment or to invest in inner cities. These analyses provide alternative assessments of population, income and housing that do not rely on outdated and potentially inaccurate decennial census data.

The DrillDown was established to provide up-to-date profiles of market strength, stability and opportunity for small, dense, and rapidly changing urban geographies. The DrillDown builds on current, finely sieved market information drawn from a wide spectrum of commercial, proprietary and local government sources (e.g. tax assessor, building permit, and commercial credit companies).

Rather than relying on any one information set, DrillDown findings surface from a combined body of data. These findings, tested against supplemental data and the intuitive knowledge of local market leaders, serve as the foundation for an objective, systematic analysis of business attributes.

Market profiles based on the DrillDown analysis are available for Washington D.C. and can be customized for smaller geographies based on the area of interest.
This information is a valuable resource for Community Development Corporations (CDCs), Main Streets, retailers (both large and small), local businesses, etc.

To learn more about the DrillDown please visit Social Compact’s website:

If you are interested in obtaining specific market profiles within the District feel free to contact Elsie Achugbue at or Carolina Valencia at or call 202-547-2581.

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