Scarlet Communications to Host DC Launch Party at the WDCEP

April 4, 2014

While many people think of etiquette as proper fork, knife and spoon usage, Scarlet Communications passionately takes it to the next level. From the moment you come up with your initial business idea, to the first time you pitch your idea for funding, to the moment you make your first sell, Scarlet Communications proves that knowledge of critical business etiquette life-skills can ultimately advance your personal and business relationships – while fostering positive and productive environments.

Scarlet Communications is the principal source for present-day etiquette. Their modern twist to etiquette coaching proactively addresses social obstacles and successfully engages, enlightens, and empowers entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to create meaningful relationships and increase the sales of products and services.

At the Scarlet Communications DC Launch Party, the organization will introduce Metro DC to savvy, modern and empowering etiquette experiences! Guests will have a unique experience to engage in their tailored approach to etiquette from the classroom to the boardroom and beyond, infused with complimentary consultations on:

– Being the perfect event host
– Bringing out your inner mixologist
– Owning your personal style
– Proper cigar cutting light and paring

Scarlet Communications DC Launch Party

For more information on the Scarlet Communications DC Launch event or questions about how to engage further in etiquette for entrepreneurs, please contact Jacqueline M. Baker at 800.580.8369 ext. 1009 or jacqueline

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