Real Estate Search Tool

The WDCEP’s Real Estate Search Tool can help existing businesses, entrepreneurs, real estate professionals and investors find expansion opportunities and learn about DC’s development projects. For more information please read below. If you wish to add your building, development or site to the database please contact

General Usage

  • If you wish to start with a “clean” map and search query after you perform a search please choose the Reset Map tab at the top of the tool

Sites Tab

  • Use this search to find vacant sites for land, retail, and industrial uses only.
  • The tool will return results where all of your criteria are met
  • The Total Available SF field is based on vacant land, retail, or industrial uses only.
  • The Status Date field indicates the last time the information was verified for the space or building/site

Development Tab

Although every attempt was made to ensure the quality of the information contained in this document, the WDCEP and makes no warranty or guarantee as to its accuracy, completeness, or usefulness for any given purpose. It is recommended you contact the site’s representatives for up-to-date information.

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