Grocery Expansion in Washington, DC

In 2000, DC’s population stood at 572,000 (a 10% decline from 1980) and was home to approximately 35 grocery stores. The grocers with the most stores included Safeway (16), Murry’s (5), Giant (4), Whole Foods (3), and Yes! Organic Market (3).

Since 2000, the District’s population has increased by nearly 25% to 713,000 as of July 2020 according to the U.S. Census (Annual Estimates). Over this same time period, 56 new grocery stores have opened in the District. By the end of 2022 six more grocery stores are expected to open including the District’s first Wegmans and Lidl.

While new arrivals such as Harris Teeter, MOM’s, and Trader Joe’s have anchored key developments across numerous neighborhoods there has also been a considerable rise of smaller, locally-owned stores. Union Market, a purveyor of locally-made products, now operates seven stores, Streets Market and Yes! Organics each have six stores, and Good Food Markets and Glens Garden Market have taken advantage of a growing desire for walkable shopping experiences.

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Even with the growth of supermarkets, there is still demand and opportunity for additional food options. To highlight the potential opportunities for growth, WDCEP’s research team has developed the Potential Grocery Store Sites map. The map provides real estate opportunities and both existing and pipeline stores to provide a reference for expansion across DC.

For more information please contact Chad Shuskey, SVP of Programs, WDCEP, | (202) 661-8674.

List of New Grocery Stores (since 2000)

Whole Foods Market1440 P Street, NW42,0002000
Giant1050 Brentwood Road, NE54,0002002
Giant (1)1345 Park Road, NW53,0002005
Trader Joes1101 25th Street, NW11,8002006
Yes! Organics3809 12th Street, NE7,2002006
Giant1535 Alabama Avenue, SE66,0002007
Target3100 14th Street NW2008
Harris Teeter1391 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE47,0002008
Harris Teeter1631 Kalorama Road, NW37,0002008
Safeway490 L Street, NW59,0002008
Yes! Organics4100 Georgia Avenue, NW11,0002008
Yes! Organics2123 14th Street, NW6,0002008
Safeway (1)1855 Wisconsin Avenue, NW71,0002010
Safeway (1)401 M Street, SW55,0002010
Harris Teeter1st & M Streets, NE50,0002010
Fairlawn Market (3)2323 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE7,5002010
Whole Foods22nd & I Streets, NW37,0002011
Aldi901 17th Street, NE17,9002011
Yes! Organics (1)410 8th Street, SE4,1152012
CostcoNew York & South Dakota Avenue, NE154,0004Q 2012
Wagshal's3201 New Mexico Avenue NW2013
Sav-A-Lot680 Rhode Island Avenue, NE2013
Glens Garden Market2001 S Street, NW8,4002Q 2013
Giant3rd & H Streets, NE41,2002013
Giant (1)7th & O Streets, NW75,0004Q 2013
Walmart1st & H Streets, NW76,0004Q 2013
Walmart5929 Georgia Avenue, NW106,0004Q 2013
Trader Joe's14th & U Streets, NW15,100Q1 2014
Safeway (1)3830 Georgia Avenue, NW62,000Q2 2014
Streets Market and Cafe2400 14th Street, NW9,000Q2 2014
Harris Teeter1212 4th Street, SE50,000Q4 2014
Giant (1)3336 Wisconsin Avenue, NW56,000Q4 2014
MOM's1501 New York Avenue, NE16,000Q4 2014
Good Food Markets2006 Rhode Island Ave., NE1,000Q1 2015
Union Kitchen Grocery538 3rd Street, NE1,000Q3 2015
Glens Garden Market (4)1924 8th Street, NW4,800Q4 2015
WalmartSouth Dakota Avenue & Riggs Road, NE120,000Q4 2015
Whole Foods600 block of H Street, NE39,000Q1 2017
Union Kitchen Grocery801 Mount Vernon Place, NW2,200Q1 2017
Streets Market and Cafe1221 Massachusetts Avenue NWQ3 2017
Trader Joe's700 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE11,000Q3 2017
Trader Joe's340 Florida Avenue, NE15,000Q1 2018
Streets Market and Cafe3427 Connecticut Avenue, NW7,000Q2 2018
Whole Foods800 New Jersey Avenue, SE39,000Q4 2018
Streets Market and Cafe55 M Street, NE6,000Q1 2019
Union Kitchen Grocery (1)1924 8th Street, NW2,100Q1 2019
Target3501 Connecticut Ave NW23,200Q2 2019
Target7828 Georgia Ave NW27,100Q2 2019
Trader Joe's2101 Wisconsin Avenue, NW15,000Q3 2019
Target4500 Wisconsin Ave NW46,000Q4 2019
Target1515 New York Ave NE67,000Q4 2019
Union Kitchen Grocery1301 K Street, NW2,500Q4 2019
Streets Market and Cafe1255 22nd Street, NW5,000Q4 2019
Streets Market and Cafe (1)1864 Columbia Rd NW5,000Q1 2020
Whole Foods965 Florida Avenue, NW41,000Q3 2020
Safeway (1)415 14th Street, SE50,000Q3 2020
Good Food Markets (2)4001 South Capitol St., SW3,8002020
Union Kitchen Grocery (2)
1351 Wisconsin Ave NW2020
Union Kitchen Grocery (2)1201 Half Street SE40002020
Union Kitchen Grocery (2)1625 Eckington Place NE2021
Lidl (2)Skyland Town Center29,0002022
Aldi (2)ART Place at Fort Totten (Phase II)25,0002022
Whole Foods (2)Parks at Walter Reed40,0002022
Wegmans (2)3900 Wisconsin Avenue, NW82,0002022
(1) replacement store | (2) Pipeline | (3) closed (2014), (4) closed (2018)