Partnering for DC Business

BusinessPremier Initiative Promotes Retention and Expansion Services

The District of Columbia currently ranks among the top real estate investment markets and presently one of the strongest economies in the country. Yet, in today’s competitive business climate, cities must vie with developing suburban markets, exurban regions and even international employment markets to retain and attract business enterprises. To foster a more business-friendly environment in the District of Columbia, The Washington, DC Economic Partnership has launched the BusinessPremier Initiative.

The BusinessPremier Initiative is a collaborative effort of the Government of the District of Columbia, the Washington, DC Economic Partnership, and economic development, community development and workforce development organizations. The program has been designed to help businesses grow and thrive in the District of Columbia by providing no-fee access to business resources and services, including economic incentives and programs; lease and site location assistance; workforce development assistance business development resources; statistics and demographic information; and a network of partner organizations.

Participation in BusinessPremier will inform our efforts to support business growth, retention and expansion in the District of Columbia. The data collected from one-on-one interviews with business leaders will enable the District Government and the participating organizations to respond better to the needs of the business community and work towards making the District of Columbia a more globally competitive market for both existing businesses and a growing number of emerging industry sectors. The Economic Partnership also will use the feedback to develop new programs and resources that benefit District-based businesses.

In the competitive world of business, you need a partner to help address the issues affecting business operations, and more importantly, the bottom line. BusinessPremier is the voice of the business community in Washington, DC. To learn more about the BusinessPremier Initiative or schedule a consultation, visit the Economic Partnership’s web site, . Questions may be directed to Natalie Cofield, Manager of Business Development, at 202.661.8679 or by email at

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