Nominate a DC Small Business Today!

The BusinessPremier initiative of the Washington, DC Economic Partnership will honor three DC-based small businesses at its second annual BusinessPremier Small Business Awards program on July 22, 2009. This annual event was created to bring together the District’s Small Business community, promote a business friend climate and show appreciation for DC-based businesses and initiatives.

The Washington, DC Economic Partnership’s BusinessPremier program will award three deserving organizations in the following categories: Small Business of the Year, 100 Year-Old Business of the Year and Small Business Initiative of the Year (for government agency or nonprofit organization). Additionally, 2009 marks the inaugural year of the PremierPlan, a business plan competition, which will award $100,000 in capital investment and other prizes to the selected winner.

All BusinessPremier Small Business Awards nominations and applications are due by May 20 Applications are accepted via email and mail and can be downloaded by visiting the Washington, DC Economic Partnership online at

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