Marketing Center Inventories Neighborhood Retail Corridors

Marketing Center interns Jeff Wright and Ted Skirbunt have taken to the streets to document existing retail in DC’s neighborhoods.

The project, which began in January, is an effort to inventory retail stores along key commercial corridors and to identify opportunities to bring new retail to underserved areas of the District.

The Marketing Center will use the results of the research to help target its retail attraction efforts to retailers that can augment existing retail in the neighborhoods.

“Many areas of the District are underserved from a retail perspective, requiring residents to drive across town or to Maryland or Virginia to buy the things they need,” said Keith Sellars, Manager of Retail Development for the Center. “By understanding the makeup of retailers serving our neighborhoods, we can identify areas where specific needs exist and focus our efforts on filling those needs.”

The first phase of the project will focus on areas that have been designated as part of the Main Streets Program as well as key commercial corridors identified by District Government as priority areas.

Once the first round is complete, additional commercial areas will be identified for future study. Completion of the initial inventory is expected by late March.

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