Map of the Month: 7-Eleven Expansion in the District

It’s the height of summer in DC and although it’s been cooler than last year (thank goodness), it’s still hot and humid enough that you might want to grab a cold drink when you’re walking around outside. If you’re walking by one of DC’s 42 7-Eleven stores, there’s a good chance you’ll stop in for a beverage, or maybe even one of their quintessential summertime treats, the Slurpee. In fact, 7-Eleven reports that more than half of all customers purchase a non-alcoholic beverage upon checkout, making them “America’s favorite beverage destination”.

In honor of summer, we’ve chosen to feature the District expansion of 7-Eleven, home of the Slupree, as our August Map of the Month. Since 2010, Washington has welcomed 21 new 7-Eleven stores, but over the last thirty months, they’ve opened 12 new stores with 10 opening in the NE and SE quadrants of DC. In the map below, stores that have opened since 2012 are denoted by a green Slurpee. 7-Eleven has been one of the fastest growing chains in the District since 2010 and prides themselves on being a franchise-based company, providing entrepreneurial opportunities to each store owner. The brand actively worked to open their stores in neighborhoods undeserved by quick food options and convenience stores. Now operating in areas such as Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue, NE, Bellevue, Anacostia and Michigan Park, 7-Eleven has been vital in providing neighborhood residents a walkable option for last-minute food needs – or even better a Slurpee to cool down!

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