Map of the Month: DC Retail Projects Under Construction

The year 2013 marked a very significant time in DC’s recent development boom. Last year, the District welcomed 64 newly delivered projects totaling over 9 million square feet of space (the most square footage added since 2009). After many years of planning and construction, several of the city’s marquee projects have been completed or will deliver in the opening months of 2014. From the more than 1 million square foot U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters Building on the Saint Elizabeths West Campus to the completion of Washington’s first two Walmarts, this has been a truly transformative year for DC.

This month’s map looks at what DC can expect in 2014 with regard to retail deliveries. Already in 2014, the District can claim 34 projects actively under construction with at least 5,000 square feet of dedicated retail space. With mega-projects such as CityCenterDC and Louis at 14th delivering this year, it is equally important to note the upcoming growth of new retail space in DC’s outer neighborhoods. Soon, Fort Totten will see an additional 130,000 square feet of new retail (including a Walmart), Petworth will get a roughly 200% larger Safeway after over a year without their neighborhood grocery store, and Minnesota & Benning’s Metro-accessible Park 7 project will provide over 20,000 square feet of retail to help serve the 376 apartments delivering above it.


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