ICSC New York Recap

Approximately 6,600 people attended ICSC’s second largest conference in December in New York City. Keith Sellars, Vice President of Retail & Real Estate Development at WDCEP attended the conference on behalf the District.

Mr. Sellars noted that “Although it was attended by roughly 2000 people less this year than in the past, there was still a lot of energy and it was a great year to continue building strategic relationships and meet with important partners. WDCEP was able to showcase DC in several high level meetings as well.”

WDCEP held important discussions with retailers interested in opening their stores in DC. Companies are interested in relocating, opening, or adding additional stores in DC because it has shown to have a more viable economy compared to many other metropolitan areas; however the dates may be pushed back by an additional year. Overall, there was still an air of optimism despite the state of the economy.

Look out next for ICSC mid-Atlantic, which occurs in mid-February. For more information click here.

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