Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats Brings a Sweet Time to DC

Homemade Frozen custard. Do we have your attention? You may have seen these delicious treats driving around DC in their retro truck, or stopped by their shop in the USDA building. No matter what mode, Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats is always a sweet time. Founded in 2012, Brandon Byrd has been making a big impact on the DC community by providing a 50’s inspired oasis for government workers, other DC citizens, and tourists.

Brandon, NYC-based at the time, was attracted to DC for multiple reasons. Besides family ties, he explained the city to be “less lights, camera, action” and more involved in fostering a strong culture. The food truck industry was an up-and-coming idea when Brandon came to DC. The first food truck in the area was opened in 2009, and Goodies had an opportunity to build and grow with the food truck movement. After all of these reasons and the USDA reaching out to him about the available space, it is evident why Brandon explains “I didn’t select DC, DC selected me”.

What started as just a food truck business only took two years to gain enough popularity to open a brick-and-mortar building. Brandon met his right-hand man, Rozell Moore in 2013 while curbside at Eastern Market. They quickly bonded over their love of Frozen Custard and the sweet sounds of Motown.

Brandon commends himself on the purpose and goal of the business. Both the truck and shop transforms the customer’s atmosphere to the retro 50’s instantaneously. Patrons are provided an entire experience from when they walk in, the conversations they have, the authentic treats they eat, and the ability to relax and spend the day at the retro bar watching the magic happen. Brandon’s vision for the customer’s encounter was that “they see credibility from when they enter to when they leave”.

So what’s next for Goodies?

Brandon has big ideas for the future of Goodies. Short-term, they are busy cooking up a website to enable more online orders and help even more people, in and outside of the District, learn about their sweet treats. Long-term, Brandon sees a flagship store in their future, specifically in an up-and-coming neighborhood, providing sweet treats to people that may not currently have access to these types of local stores.

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