Focus on Ward 4

Ward 4 has the distinction of having the highest rate of home ownership of any ward in the District. Condominiums and town homes are sprouting up throughout the ward’s heavily traveled commercial corridors and within well-established neighborhoods.

The ward is not only enjoying a steady gain in homeownership, but also in retail. Council member Adrian Fenty explains, “I am very excited about economic development in Ward 4, from the housing and retail coming to the Petworth Metro Station, to the new restaurants and loft apartments on Georgia Avenue, and the housing and retail developments around the Takoma Metro Station.

Ward 4 residents are beginning to get what they have long sought – retail that is geared to neighborhood needs, the renovation of blighted properties, and a variety of housing options that will help maintain the stability Ward 4 is known for.

Ward 4 now has a mix of fashionable new restaurants and housing including Domku Cafe and the Lofts at Brightwood, improved public facilities including the Takoma Community/Aquatic Center and Red and Green line Metro stations, as well as many solid residential neighborhoods that make it interesting to those who want to invest in the District’s future.”

Ward 4 is also home to the University of the District of Columbia, the city’s only public institution of higher education. Part of the international and multi-cultural mix in the ward can be attributed to UDC. The university has a student body representing more than 25 nations.

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