Focus on Ward 2

As with many areas in the city, Ward 2 neighborhoods are experiencing a boom in housing and economic development.

Areas such as Blagden Alley and Logan Circle which once lacked a strong retail presence, are now benefitting from the Whole Foods market located in the 1400 block of P Street. This location is one of the highest grossing stores in the Whole Foods Market chain.

Ward 2 Council member Jack Evans has been serving the ward since 1991 and counts economic development, safety and affordable housing as major concerns.
Council member Evans says, “I have always been a strong defendant of affordable housing in DC. In the past, this city experienced a mass exodus,” “Now that DC is on the upswing, people want to live here and our task is to make sure those that weathered the storm can continue to live in their homes or afford to purchase a new one.

Mr. Evans was a member of the DC delegation at the 2005 International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Spring Convention in Las Vegas with the Washington, DC Marketing Center. While there, he met with potential retailers and developers. “This convention is a great opportunity for us to speak, peddle the District’s assets and encourage major retailers to come to DC ,”Councilmember Evans said. “We all have seen a tremendous turnaround in corridors no one would have thought of locating ten years ago. I want these folks to see what we see – a vibrant, growing, safe city that would be a great place to locate.”

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